USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 (Kingston Data Traveller Giveaway- Contest Closed)

USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 (Kingston Data Traveller Giveaway- Contest Closed)

USB this USB that. Everything seems to use USB connections for something or the other. Our beloved Universal Serial Bus (Bet most of you didn’t know it stood for that) is used to connect so many of our beloved peripherals. Many game controllers, storage devices, displays, printers and so on rely on a USB connection to communicate with our PC’s. Speed and efficiency of our USB devices play directly into our end user experience.

So when USB 2.0 had released over a decade ago it had made a great step over its predecessor(1.0) by increasing transfer speeds to 480Mbps. With the move to USB 3.0 just over 3 years ago we had seen another significant speed boost. 5Gbps transfer speeds essentially offered 10 times the speed of the previous standard. On paper this sounds magical so we put it to the test with a basic data transfer.

USB 2.0 / 10GB of Video – 23 minutes

USB 3.0  /10GB of Video – 7 minutes

Our quick test showed that the claimed 3.0 speeds may not be the average result but it certainly provides a huge boost over 2.0 potential. Remember that to get the best results out of USB 3.0 devices your hardware should be ready for USB 3.0 as well. Keep this in mind the next time you are building a rig or picking out a laptop.

After reading this you probably want some USB 3.0 love in your life. Luckily for you we have a few Kingston Data Travellers that we want to give out. Are you USB 3.0 fast? Prove it, read the contest requirements below:

Contest Details(Closed):

Congrats Contest Winners!

Grand Prize 32 GB Data Traveller:

Syed Tauha Aqeel Shah

2nd place 16GB Data Traveller:

Matt Fisher

3rd 16GB Data Traveller:

Brian Webster

• Participants will have to submit correct answers to all 3 questions to in order to qualify for the contest. Please include “3.0” in your subject line.
• Contest close on May 8th 2013 at 4:00pm EST. 1 Winner will be randomly selected to receive a 32GB Kingston Data Traveller and 2 will receive one 16GB Kingston Data Traveller each. We will announce the winners by May 9th at 10:00am EST.
• Canada only. All 3 questions will have to be answered correctly.

*Optional* Share on FB, Pin or Tweet with #3.0fast to get our attention

Let’s see what you got

Question #1: How many Canada Computers retail locations we currently have? (excluding online center)

Question #2: What is the biggest storage space Kingston currently has on an 3.0 USB?

Question #3: Which city is Kingston Technology’s global corporate headquarters located?